Diwali musings

Diwali is round the corner; that is when I thought of writing this post to re-live good old memories in the seventies and early eighties in a now bustling metro city named Mumbai, or for that matter, Bombay to the so called old timers like me.

For us children, days were divided into 3 parts. One was definitely school time, another was playtime and the third was holiday time that came in the form of winter and summer and to some like me who lived in Bombay, the Diwali holidays.


The lanterns hung up by most households with a variety of shapes and colors was fun to watch and compare. In every household, family members and neighbors would chip in to prepare sweets for Diwali and that would include Laddu , Shankarpali, Chivda, Bombay mix,  the Chaklis(muruks for tamil/malayalees) and the good old Karanji. Purchasing the raw materials was a daunting task in itself to prepare all such sweets at home. The preparation used to take a few days after which we used to exchange samples of these with our neighbors who used to give us what they had prepared.


The earthen lamps that used to grace all homes during this festive occasion was another pretty sight to all in the late evenings.


The colorful rangoli patterns on the floor outside every door was a marvel. The whole town was painted with new colors outside each door step bringing out the artist in each household.
This also used to give a divine aura to the surroundings and everyone from the children to the elders with pretty new clothes bedecked with jewelry was always a pretty sight to watch. The illumination was also seen on each face, the innocent joy on children’s as they lighted up crackers and looked at each other. Each group of houses was, a city into itself, plunged in celebrations. The crackers and other fireworks used to light our lives in the night and create a headache for the elderly. With the earthen diyas, the illuminated rangoli designs, the lanterns, and the shooting crackers, Diwali definitely lives up to its name of Festival of Lights. Though the main festival lasted 5 days, for us, it was as long as our sweets, crackers and the vacations lasted.

Here is wishing you, all  my readers, who are getting ready for the festival of lights, a prosperous, happy and safe Diwali..





The Friday Market


The weekly friday market has come to life again
what was a once a desolated place till yesterday
people have converged in their hundreds today
having got a lot of wares ready to sell and barter.

From far and near many have come with hopes
to satisfy their buying instincts and daily needs
the market has become busy with noise and dust
one wonders when they will stop to walk and rest.

As a fleet of vehicles move in and out with people
on the lookout for perfect buyers and sellers alike
children crowd around the small shops with toys
egging their hesitant parents to buy one or two.

Ladies eyeing the glass bangle shops with glee
the bangle seller adorning his giggling buyers
garment shops are witnessing too much rush
all flock to these to try out their clothed dreams.

The fruit vendors are armed with their farm loads
of sweet melons and tumbling plums of all colors
vegetable vendors…

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My Poems

The Lost Series

The Lost Sparrow
The Lost Poet
The Lost Explorer
The Lost Dog
Lost Forever
Never lose a friend
Balance Lost


The Indian Summer
Indian Monsoon
Clouded Vision
When it rained
The waterhole
The Open Window
Marching Soldiers


Maid for you
Friends who blossomed
The Wait
The poor girl


Making of a guru
The Inspiration
To know it was the day


Sense with Eyes
The tea maker
The Eerie House
The Messenger


I would like to know your thoughts on this..


Are we living entities
or long dead memories
Do we have a common gender
or are we living souls embodied
Did  we have past lives on the planet
as humans with unfulfilled wishes
Were we animals yearning to be humans
or humans turned animals
Did we come to earth for a purpose
or just to make merry and suffer pain
Why is one rich and the other poor
while one enjoys other suffering
Why one lives for long as others die young
is it  the results of our past karma gone bad
Does any one know and do we  care to learn
for as long as the energy remains in us
we fight and die for dead causes
till someone snubs us out or the veil is lifted…

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The Lost Traveler

When out on travel, please abide by instructions..


All the while in the tour bus, you were fed up of all the hard talk among the tourists and wished you had some peace to yourself, for which you had opted to come along this tour to the forest lined by river tributaries and a lot of green foliage you had wised to see. From the town to the forest was a good 40 miles of beaten track which wobbled your internals as the bus tried its best to grip the undergrowth that had become so slushy with overnight rains.

You never were interested to get yourself muddied and dirty as you had forgotten a fresh set of clothes in the town hotel that closely resembled a war shelter of the 50’s. The decibel levels of the crowd in the bus had come down, as some were starting to shift their observation out of the windows rather than talking…

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Why I will miss India

A beautiful post on what india means.. from a visitor’s perception

SKB's Adventures

Why wouldn’t I miss India would be a more appropriate question. Admittedly India has its problems and frustrations as does every country, but it also has many wonderful and amazing qualities that are unique to this sub continent and the reason that after a year here I am more in love with it than ever before.

I will miss the people I have met; their generosity and kindness in welcoming me willingly into their homes time after time, their ability to share everything they have, being invited to stay at someone’s house after meeting them once and being happy to accept, the inspiration of people like Sr Lucy and the work that she does, the helpfulness of locals whenever you’re lost or in difficulty, the interest in where you’re from, why you’re here, their keenness to learn English, the Namaste greeting, the shake of the head that only Indians can…

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To know it was the day

When i was born
was it not a day
that i would celebrate
as i became young enough
to know it was the day 
i was born to live life carefree

A few decades passed
then i would celebrate
as i became mature enough
to know it was the day
i was re-born to re-live life

Another few decades passed
was it not a day
that i would dread
as i became old enough
to know it was the day
that sounded the chime of death…