Are we improving ourselves with every New Year?

As the New Year 2013 dawn is a matter of hours, no doubt most of us would be thinking of how to have a blast of an evening that would cross over into the early hours of the New Year. Let us take some time out in looking back at what we achieved during the current year and how has been your progression as an individual both professionally and personally. Though each of us in respective projects that we work here have gained insight into the domain, the technical know how of how to achieve certain things, no doubt there are a lot of milestones and goals that are still left incomplete or remain to be conquered. With each passing year, absorption of new ideas, skills and technologies become more difficult as age and other priorities catch up to an already warped brain.

Let us all, in the very few hours left, do a self analysis as to where we stand and where we need to take yourselves and then assimilate the tasks that would help us reach there. Do think upon setting a few priorities, keeping aside a few hours to help achieve your plans in the new year.

Write down what your set of few priorities would be in a diary that you could reach out at every weekend.

Set Financial, Personal  and Professional goals. None of this should take a back seat in your planning.

Set Monthly plans. Weekly or daily plans are bound to fail, although one should monitor as to what actions were taken for progress on a weekly basis.

Do keep a few hours in the evening to charge yourself be it watching a movie, reading a book, visiting long forgotten relatives or a refreshing game of your favourite sport. All these you do not have to do on a daily basis, but ensure that when you come out to work, some of these has been carried out in the past week.

Watch your health and reward yourself on a monthly basis when your progressive path is touching the planned objectives and milestones. There may be times when this path may fall well below the desired path, but do not lose heart as you would have plenty of time to catch up.

Do keep your goals and your rewards private. Making it public will mean you have already achieved half of it and thereby lose track of the motivation and the work required to actually achieve what you set out in the first place.

I am sure with a  sense of discipline and some practised hard work, you would be able to achieve your “realistic” goals in the New Year.

Here is wishing you all, a very Healthy, Prosperous and a Fun Filled New Year.

3 thoughts on “Are we improving ourselves with every New Year?

    1. Yes the years do fly away and until we improve constantly it becomes difficult to change the self during the end of times esp. when no one knows how far or near the end is 🙂

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