How to start your working day

It is easy to say, but tough to start a day with full energy. But then most of us do peak in the morning around 10 and then look for some thing challenging to do. The best way to stay energized apart with a fair addition of energizing drinks is to stay focused on the task in front. Spell out what you would do in the next hour on it and then  write it down. If it is a solo activity, please ask others not to disturb you, switch off your gadgets that might be a potential fly in the ointment. Next it is time to roll up your sleeves and get started…

An hour has passed, you are either sweating or lost in work with someone needing to break into your thoughts to remind you that an hour has elapsed since you last plunged into the current activity. Ok time for a break to analyse how  you have fared versus the written milestone. If you accomplished at least 80 percent or 100 percent, it is time to reward yourself saying, OK I can at least manage myself…

3 thoughts on “How to start your working day

  1. Great tips, Sunith. I try to start my day early. An early start helps me finish all the important activities leaving me enough time to tackle the ones that I enjoy most for the latter part of the day to complete

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