Working is not competition, it is collaboration

Gone are the days when someone carried their school habits to work. What does this mean you may ask? Each one of us at some point of time at school when given the same activity would compete against each other to perform well above others. We may help those “downtrodden” friends who may not seem competition, but would be reluctant to share information and knowledge to help colleagues who might just score above.

At work, especially in today’s world the buzz word is Colloboration. It is a team effort that carries the enterprise. Or in other words may i say the best enterprise is  a collective effort. How do we justify it?

Let us take a group activity comprising of 5 individuals who come together to accomplish a thing. Every day each one of those 5 may not be motivated, some may not be fit enough to carry out what is expected of them on a sick day. All of us may not have the broader picture as to how the pieces would fit in, but 1 or 2 peers in that group would exactly have that. Some others may be good workers, who accomplish what is needed to bring up the pieces. Another person would be a good assembler or an integrator and you have a team that spells SUCCESS…

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