Poetic News

Google Chrome
Google Chrome (Photo credit: thms.nl)

This was written in June 2012 and was based on Google popular searches for a day (June 14, 2012)…

When I was Henry Hill
they asked me to inspire.
I plucked an apple only
to see me and Steve fall.

Jobs I had many in sight
but the exchanges didn’t let me.
Try as I might improve the data that
cause oil to spurt and the dollar to fly.

Kevin Durant is the new kid at NBA
laurels as sweet as berries.
tucked by grocers that range
from Wal-Mart to Sainsbury.

LA Kings triumph in their own world
while Assad is as sad as it gets.
If only Russia could have supported
Saddam wouldn’t have had such a fall.

What book cooks at Apple
which Tim and other Toms peep at.
While stores sells phones
food is not a good feed.

Iran is in the news for all it says
it is here to appease the united.
Is it a place where sanctions galore
deafening the cries of energy.

The Pirate bay is banned they say
but still in the gulf bay they bloom.
Attack ships which they attach
to pack off to a land so full of malice.

Ipads are sold more than baked breads
with people glued to screens.
if only there were more bakers to
suppress far-flung hunger chants.

Who says Europe is doomed?
when last week, the French opened to Russia.
Maria was lifting her flaming cup while
the queen was sailing on the Thames.

Lindsay says the driver was a truck of lies
while minor crashes were not important.
Court laws set out their own traps
to send her crashing down in all lanes.

What do people say about Red cross
when true blood has been released.
Who all want to donate their views
can get to see the fan reviews.

When Belmont ran, the stakes were high
he paused, and did the audience gasp?
hope he is fast enough to keep pace
with the dykes that look like mice.

Where is the golden Aden Sana?
is it in Yemen Adam?
I take leave for now
while you map your brains.

4 thoughts on “Poetic News

  1. PS Those of us who live in the US need to hear other perspectives from people who live outside this materialistic bubble and believe they are invincible. I am ashamed to be an American.

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