Jagjit Singh.. A Salute

It was in the early 90’s through a student of mine, Alpa Vasant  (real name) who handed a cassette of him titled Live at Royal Albert Hall, that introduced me to the saga of Ghazals. Even though I had heard Pankaj Udhas before him, Jagjit Singh’s voice and music stuck to me as an aroma of a musical fountain. It is true I had heard his music in films though never knew about him at that time.

After the introduction, I slowly had my collection of his audio cassettes which I still have and play on my JVC player. The best part, as all would agree, was his voice and classical music..never had a ghazal singer giving so much importance to background music. It never went high and always played to soothe your nerves that were stressed out at work and in the traffic back home.

In Films, with music director Kuldip Singh.. he was unbeatable and always had a following of his own, though he may not have rendered more than 50 songs during the eighties and the nineties. It was a strange coincidence that I became a pen pal, in the late 90’s while at Dubai, of Jasvinder Singh another Ghazal singer and son of Kuldip Singh, for a brief period before we both became busy each at our own places of work.

Though we have lost Jagjit Singh 5 years back on October 10, but thanks to technology, Jagjit Singhji’s immortal voice and delightful music is secure till the end of times..




English: Lata Mangeshkar releases music album ...
English: Lata Mangeshkar releases music album Saadgi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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