The Patient’s Dilemma

There is a knock on the Doctor’s door. Dr. Jaison is surprised wondering who it could be at this time of the night when he was just winding up things at work..

Before he could say “Yes”, there came in a burly figure of a man who seemed drunk so much so, that the liqour levels had reached his ears causing problems with his balance.

With a staggering gait and a look at the chair and the bed that both invited him, he finally decided to collapse in the patient’s chair but not before causing a flutter of heart beats to Jaison who was all along thinking that this huge personification would finally collapse across the desk and take him down alongwith the visitor..

Doc: Now there, i can see you a bit disturbed, have you been drinking lately.

Person: Yes I am, infact i just threw the one i was, when i took the turn to your clinic…I am sadhu, no not of the religious type, that s my name..

Doc: Ok Mr Sadhu. How come this visit at such a late hour?

Person: I know but i wanted to stop this drinking and hope that the last one that i hit, i mean the bottle has to be my last. Can you help?

Jaison: Well i myself was thinking of having a peg after a long day and had thoughts of going to sleep here rather than commuting all the way back home. Glad you joined.. ( saying that he goes across the room and brings a fine set of glasses with a bottle of Vodka).

Sadhu: But i came in here to stop my habit and see that you have thoughts of starting it again…

Jaison: Let us talk about it over no doubt, on the rocks, if you wish…

( They talked for over an hour and parted ways with sadhu still high on spirits that he can stop one day…)

Jaison’s parting remark was : Let me know whenever you need to stop, and then we can talk it over…

The moral of this .. If you need to stop, do not take other’s advice or ask for help, bring out your own plan to  stop it and work towards it  and enjoy the change…Hope you agree.

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