Dubai Perceptions

6 thoughts on “Dubai Perceptions”

  1. Nice one:) So much has changed here isn’t it? Dubai has developed in so many ways… I guess you had that privilege of seeing it back then when the “boom” begun… Down the memory lane- I like it!

    1. yes, I was lucky in that way. It is always good to look back, on the paths a person or a city has took in its march forward..Thanks for reading.

  2. That is a detailed explanation of a much simpler Dubai. I have often heard my uncles speak of everything that you have detailed in the post. I came into one which was already littered with malls, the Burj Khalifa and metro networks in a stage of being built so it was so good to read all that was missed. If it is one thing that has not changed, is the heat and humidity. Am enjoyable read, Sunith!

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