The Great Indian Rope Act ( Election 2014)

The gentle breeze has changed into a windy storm. With a few weeks to go for the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to be held on various dates in different states of the Indian Union, elected leaders and prospective members of parliament were busy campaigning these days door to door. It was like preparing for exams at the last hour knowing well that they have dwindled away their time in the last 5 years. Some were not to be seen in the local constituency personally and the electoral was left to see them in newspapers or the television. When one of the sitting MP’s  made a visit to his constituency, he was left gasping for water in the sweltering heat and while making a request for it at a house, the occupants reminded him of his promise of piped water in the last elections. “Why  is your fan not working?”, he wondered loudly. “Sir, the electricity connections have not made their way from Delhi yet. We know it is a long way from there”, was the muted reply.

When again asked when they would get water at their constituency, he replied, it was just a matter of a couple of months. You would get it once i am re-elected or when the monsoon starts, which ever was earlier. Ironically his election symbol was a bucket. The only thing it was an empty one. While making a hurried exit, as the outdoor  was cooler than the inside, they again asked of the electricity. ” Why, it would be definitely cooler, once the monsoon starts in June. Anyway, i will check how far it has progressed once i am back in my seat in parliament. Do not therefore forget to vote for me in this election too”. He replied as he jumped into the cooler comfort of his car. “Definitely Sir! We will cast the vote in the monsoon waters and pray to God instead”. The last parting remark by the voter fell on deaf ears as the MP’s car had sound proof windows, just like his ears…

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