Marching Soldiers

A new day and we go in search of dear food
chain of followers in queue till we get shooed
crane at our fellows going the opposite way
we always are a  loyal army having our say.

Descending in large numbers at any given place
there is no stampede as we  increase our pace
there is no one knowing from where we came
wonder as it may seem, we all look the same.

We change our course and tracks to get to food
though near it may seem, it sure has to be good
though no one bothers as we take it to our  stay
we try to be sober lest demons obstruct our way.

Although wary of a quick wind or a  stream of water
pranks of  a kid wiping us out as we climb a platter
flanks of marching soldiers leaving behind our dead
there are obstacles in life which we seldom dread.

Every time you see us silently marching along,
like a winding train or a long forgotten folk song
alike as we look, one and all, doing our own tasks
all the while storing food for millions of us wasps.

As you stumble upon our brittle tiny built house
refrain to smoke us out or drench us and douse
slain and lifeless by your powerful human clout
we had homes built to last till you wiped us out…


6 thoughts on “Marching Soldiers

  1. Reminded me of the poem I studied in school, the ant and the cricket.. where the zealous ant worked hard to store food for winter, while the cricket played along and remained hungry, knocking at the ant’s door cold and hungry! and also of course, the food chain diagrams 🙂

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