The Poor Girl

Pic Credits: Musa. A flower girl

Each day as I walked to the market
I would see her holding a bunch
of flowers that would sway and say to me
why don’t you get us and relieve poor her..

She would request me, run around me
to buy a few from her, if not a bunch
Those days I could not ever sense
her need to sell them to feed poor her…



8 thoughts on “The Poor Girl

    1. Thank you Subba. The flowers have a purpose even after they are plucked. They entice the buyer in us with their perfume and colors. The little girl goes on repeating how much your single purchase means to her. But sometimes we at a younger age just pause and then walk on without noticing and paying heed to her repeated pleas and that brings us to the question, who among the two is really poor?

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