Maid for you

A lady in tatters, who came in search of work
she knew how best she was and yet had doubts
with no one to help poor her, she was rattled
one day she left her village to the city of hearts.

Coming into this big  metropolis, was she lost
in this big city she got never, where to start
she stumbled upon a family who needed her
a maid who could take orders of any kind.

As a donkey she worked for hours on and on
no one cared to ask her if she ate or drank
a bundle of clothes, a clutter of dishes
rooms of varying space was for her to clean.

She served everyone food, but had little to eat
she did the beds for all, yet had none to sleep
when night fell and it dawned she could never tell
how cruelly treated was she, till she fell apart.

Before sleep overtakes, she wonders aloud
if only someone had lent her a helping hand
she need not have come to this city of hearts
that was full of sick people who had none….

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