The lively professor

A professor when he was on the verge of retirement  dream’t of coaching eager students in his now retired life, so he thought, as he drove back from college on one of his last days.

He called up one of his old students who now worked in the press to put up a classified in the morning newspaper that would advertise his skills in accountancy, a tutor anybody would love and dream’t to have.

A few days back, 3 girls, all pals,  came to his house for coaching as exams were just a few months away but they saw a padlock greeting them on his door. They went away sadly as they could not meet the tutor who dream’t of teaching even in his retired life.


After a week they came again to inquire and this time they found him waiting and ready to teach. Not wasting much time, he taught the nuances about all he knew about the subject in those few months.

The girls loved him for his knowledge and more than that, the way he imparted it to them, making it look so easy. If only, they thought, all of the professors they met were like him.

On the day of the results, our girls were mighty thrilled and why wouldn’t they as the results outdid their expectations and they hurried to their old mentor to convey the great news but sadly the padlock greeted them this time too and they lingered on for him to arrive, for quite some time.

But arrive, he never did that day, and as it was late, the trio went back sadly each to their own homes. The next dawn they went back again to see the house still locked as they found it the earlier day. This time they inquired about his whereabouts with his not so near neighbors, only to know that he had passed a few months away…


Some good souls linger on to complete an unfulfilled wish…

11 thoughts on “The lively professor

  1. So touching ! I was lucky to have many wonderful teachers throughout my school days and degree days.I could relate to this post so much..thank you for sharing 🙂

      1. I disagree there.You must be a wonderful teacher to write such a splendid heart rendering tale.Which subject do you teach? 🙂

      2. I took tuitions where I taught history and science and then became a CompScience teacher for 7 years in various Institutes.

      3. Oh I c..:) I think you would have made a wonderful language teacher ! That’s the conclusion I came to after I went through all your posts.:)

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