My Story

32 thoughts on “My Story”

      1. A 10 p or a 5 paise used to put our young minds in a dilemma as to what item could be purchased. .. I was just thinking about todays scenario with this..

  1. Loved your story Sunith, very interesting to hear stories of people’s lives all over the world. Will be reading more of your stories 🙂 By the way thanks also for following and visiting my blog. Glad you enjoy.

  2. I’m a product of the early 90s. But stories like this makes me wonder if I’m overly critical of modern times by nature or if I actually belong to those times. Lovely read 🙂

  3. Hello Sir, I heard the stories of Taka, Ser and Paisas – their value during that time whenever we used to demand pocket money from our Father. Wonder ho times have changed.

  4. It’s good that you are writing it down. I had no idea there were such rations as late as you mention. Such an interesting story. I felt I was right there with you. All the best.

  5. Beautiful….. Though my era was late 80s… still my pocket money used to be in paise not even rupee…. your story dragged me to my childhood when my parents used to adjust monthly salary to have groceries and clothes…. which is basic need…. especially I recollected struggle with rationing and kerosene…
    The prize wining thing brought smile on my face…. really nice….. 🙂

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