My Quotes

Let me know which one you liked.


Do not multi-task when kids talk to you. You have their undivided attention. Why should you divide yours?

When you ask a question, listen to the answer. Any attempt to estimate the impact of your question would make you inattentive…

Man is immortal till his mortal remains are immersed…

Nobody can write us off until the person who wrote our script wipes us out…

Follow someone whom you can follow not someone whose thoughts are shallow and appearance bereft of any halo..

Check your impulse while you drive lest somebody finds you with no pulse…

Hoarders confine their wealth in vaults. After several years they are confined to vaults…

When you are hanging on to dear life, it is the hope that things would improve that acts as the rope…

It is time we stopped looking for…

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7 thoughts on “My Quotes

  1. The first two quotes I really like. When you give your child(ren) the attention they need and listen to what they are telling you only then you really get to know them (him/her). This is well worth your time.

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