My Dog Charlie

29 thoughts on “My Dog Charlie”

    1. Oh God Suni u made me cry….. I feel I was responsible for his illness n depression n passing away.T his tym when I went to Kerala I told mom this….She misses him a lot now than before because both of us are away…😭😭😭😭

  1. Sunith, so sweet. “But I could see the trust in his eyes, as I closed his jaw, saying silently to me, “I am not bothered what the doc does to me, as long as you are close to me and wish me well”. Thank you for a wonderful post!

  2. We have Arnie, who we love so much. He’s been ill with cancer recently. The whole family took turns to comfort him and hold his paw after his operation. Thank goodness, he’s,on the mend now, and we think we have given him another year of life – we hope.

  3. This post has been haunting me for sometime now… they come as pets but they end up becoming the most adorable member of our family and their loss becomes a void that cannot be easily filled…. We had three of them …the last one died in my arms on our way back from doc’s place….it was just the two of us and I still remember her looks when she bid adieu……her love and helplessness for I wanted her to be back on feet very badly and kept talking to her…..My mom said no more pets after her …the pain was too much for all of us!! May be writing is one good way to get it all out! Your post brought back some of the most cherished memories!

  4. Lovely post Sunith. I never had pets but I realize the connection these loyal creatures have with their keepers.

  5. Having had animals all my life I know what anguish is associated with losing a dog… Dogs are some of my very best friends and losing them has actually been more difficult for me than dealing with the deaths of many relatives. All these animals want is to be with their loved one or family. I have two tiny Chihuahuas now – the reason I have little dogs is that they can be with me almost anywhere I go. I am so glad that Charlie had you and your father around when he died… one never forgets losing an animal…and many people cannot go through that pain again. For me though it has been different because I know that I need dogs in my life more than they could ever need me.

    1. same thoughts here Sara, I am happy to have a friend across the oceans who befriends the animal kind so well, also read your article on the lizards and it was really touching.

      1. 🙂 We have the house lizards the skink in the gardens that look like a snake but not as long as them, and other lovable passive varieties, who sulk in the sun.

      2. Oh how neat! I am glad that you live around lizards. I just went back to this lizard story and realized that it was a mess! I had written the draft and then put it on the computer without editing it! Oh gosh – I had to go back and fix everything so the story would make sense!

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