Insanity Quotes

Some insights into Insanity from a WordPress friend Vidya Chathoth whom I would like to introduce to my dear followers..some of her short stories and articles do make us ponder at the wonder that is life…

It's all in the Mind.

I generally like to keep myself away from tag games. Largely because what I enjoy the most is spontaneity. This is also the reason I like to keep myself away from blogging communities and the contests that come with them. The joy of free-flowing creativity without the need to conform to a subject frame or time frame is something I cherish.

However, I decided to continue this quotes challenge thread only because of the regard I have for my friend Sunith, who has enriched my blogging experience. I thank him for all the support and encouragement he has provided.

Considering that I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of the human mind and by the phenomenon of mental illness, I would like to post a few of my favourite quotes on insanity here.

The distance between insanity and genius is only measured by success. – Bruce Feirstein

No great…

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