The lonely Tree

I have been standing for years
lending ears to many  persons
walking below in their lively days
some, who sat beneath or came
to fulfill their needs, be it any.

The birds had built many a nest
I have seen fledglings groomed
who fly away not to be seen again
people to whom I gave shade from
be it the hot sun or the cold rain.

The kids, who pelted me with stones
for me to let go of the fruits on them
I did not mind for any reason though
little did they know, they did disturb
nests sitting secure, be it high or low.

Many a kid has climbed me or made
swings that I supported with my arms
I have seen good times  and seasons
having prospered in bounty, long years
having all, to offer, be it flowers or fruits.

I have also seen bad times, these days
my arms having cut, citing obstruction
The pollution that seeps to the ground
affects my health afflicting me with pain
I weep, be it shedding leaves or oozing gum.

I know a time will come when someone
sees me, an obstacle to their future plans
I will be grateful for him who ends my agony
now that everyone shuns me, a sore to the eye
my sweet memories will die with me, be it so…


28 thoughts on “The lonely Tree

  1. this poem broke my heart…You are a tree man and I am a tree woman… we feel the trees sorrow. I am in New Mexico high in the mountains where the desert trees – junipers in particular get to live out their lives as gnarled old men and women instead of being cut down as adolescents – I have sprigs of fragrant juniper in vases around the house to remind me that some trees can live out their lives in relative peace. I believe that our being able to “see” them matters on some level that I can’t comprehend

    1. Thank you Sara for your comments, i didn’t mean to break your heart though, but then, be it a tree or anything from the animal kind, i like to jot down my perceptions 🙂 I know how much, they too, mean to you…

  2. Somehow this made me heavy…. May be its old, tired n needs rest but these old trees exude not just shade but lot more…. I have seen my Dad and mom talk n caress them fondly and have seen the response back without much delay …probably this has made me see life in them and parting gets difficult for emotional beings!

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