The lonely Tree

28 thoughts on “The lonely Tree”

  1. this poem broke my heart…You are a tree man and I am a tree woman… we feel the trees sorrow. I am in New Mexico high in the mountains where the desert trees – junipers in particular get to live out their lives as gnarled old men and women instead of being cut down as adolescents – I have sprigs of fragrant juniper in vases around the house to remind me that some trees can live out their lives in relative peace. I believe that our being able to “see” them matters on some level that I can’t comprehend

    1. Thank you Sara for your comments, i didn’t mean to break your heart though, but then, be it a tree or anything from the animal kind, i like to jot down my perceptions 🙂 I know how much, they too, mean to you…

  2. Somehow this made me heavy…. May be its old, tired n needs rest but these old trees exude not just shade but lot more…. I have seen my Dad and mom talk n caress them fondly and have seen the response back without much delay …probably this has made me see life in them and parting gets difficult for emotional beings!

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