Thanksgiving – Saved by Soni

For those who are allergic to certain pain killers this post would serve as a reminder as how one comes close to a tragedy if we forget what we need to remember…


Week 14: Panning (Auto rikshaw                         Photo credit: Ajay Pai)

I do not remember the date but it was the first week of October, 2010, a week that would  portent two things that would shake me the whole of that week, the loss of a job and another dear life itself. But Almighty God knowing that things would happen, was not at all worried, firstly because, i carried on with the first shock with ease and therefore he took upon himself to protect me from the second.

As, i got the breaking news at my workplace regarding my job, i never thought it would be back breaking. The next day, i woke up to a slight muscular spasm on  my back, and thought, i would attend to it, as soon as i got fit enough to ride my scooter to the doctor.

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9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – Saved by Soni

  1. We plan but there is always a bigger plan that is better I guess! I too had a similar experience (though not really fatal) but then I didn’t know the severity of it until the doc told me later after recovery!

  2. Yes telling me that to be careful as this is not to be taken lightly. It has been six years after this episode and haven’t had another back ache bout for me to take another injection. Looks like my back also got the hang of it…thank you for your comments

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