Why I will miss India

A beautiful post on what india means.. from a visitor’s perception

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Why wouldn’t I miss India would be a more appropriate question. Admittedly India has its problems and frustrations as does every country, but it also has many wonderful and amazing qualities that are unique to this sub continent and the reason that after a year here I am more in love with it than ever before.

I will miss the people I have met; their generosity and kindness in welcoming me willingly into their homes time after time, their ability to share everything they have, being invited to stay at someone’s house after meeting them once and being happy to accept, the inspiration of people like Sr Lucy and the work that she does, the helpfulness of locals whenever you’re lost or in difficulty, the interest in where you’re from, why you’re here, their keenness to learn English, the Namaste greeting, the shake of the head that only Indians can…

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7 thoughts on “Why I will miss India

  1. Why wouldn’t she???
    She found friends and felt so at home 🏡..
    it’s always so hard to leave all that behind…
    it’s the people that makes anywhere special… and she found that in 🇮🇳 India

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