The Friday Market


The weekly friday market has come to life again
what was a once a desolated place till yesterday
people have converged in their hundreds today
having got a lot of wares ready to sell and barter.

From far and near many have come with hopes
to satisfy their buying instincts and daily needs
the market has become busy with noise and dust
one wonders when they will stop to walk and rest.

As a fleet of vehicles move in and out with people
on the lookout for perfect buyers and sellers alike
children crowd around the small shops with toys
egging their hesitant parents to buy one or two.

Ladies eyeing the glass bangle shops with glee
the bangle seller adorning his giggling buyers
garment shops are witnessing too much rush
all flock to these to try out their clothed dreams.

The fruit vendors are armed with their farm loads
of sweet melons and tumbling plums of all colors
vegetable vendors…

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