The King of Breakfast times

For those who have used long distance passenger trains in India, this post will bring sweet memories….


Paddy Fields Paddy fields in Andhra Pradesh

Waiting for the next train Traveler at Mantralayam Road Station

Raja came from a small village situated near Mantralayam road. His father used to be a snack vendor at the railway station and had always liked Raja to follow him in his footsteps. Every day, the family used to be busy making the breakfast idlis and vadas and the chutney and sambhar that used to go as one pack. Initially in the late 70’s, Raghu, Raja’s father had decided to venture into this field after he could no longer work at the paddy fields. Raja’s mother Savitha and his aunt Seetha helped with the kitchen work to make the dough overnight and prepare steaming idlis by 7:00 AM, just in time for the express trains that would halt at mantralayam. This used to be a daily affair till Raja decided he would exhibit his sales skills at the nearby and…

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11 thoughts on “The King of Breakfast times

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 . The very recent post of your’s about train journeys reminded me some fond memories of mine and will go through more of your work in sometime 🙂

    Wishes, T.

      1. You’re welcome Sunith! Like you,I love to read and I know before you click on ‘like ‘ you take the pain of reading the whole poem/prose.
        I do the same. I am avid of learning,of discovering.
        I am currently working on a new collection of poems.
        Please check out my poetry book

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