The Wait

One’s partner is Lord’s gift to us in this life, to be cherished, thanked and loved. Do not lose him or her in your journey of life…


The train has arrived and the long wait over
on the station you have been in attendance
as always, every day to meet your beloved
did she consent to meet you one more time?

Quarrelsome that you were, with a bad past
you had made amends, now that you had aged
you survey the passengers slowly getting down
in the darkened dusk, wonder where she was?

All these days, with a distant promise from her
with all bliss, you came everyday to receive her
she was  sure to visit you, or so you thought
will I live long to see her just one more time?

With a heavy mind carrying a bundle of thoughts
now that the train had left today with all hopes
you start walking out when someone pats you
as you turn, are you surprised to see her again?

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9 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. I think my comment didn’t get posted for some reason. I’ll write it again 😊
    The pleasure of finding someone after having lost them, even for a second, is an out of this world experience. And you’ve portrayed that so well here. Well done

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