Motivating Kids at School

It is getting hot as exam times are near and a reblog of this post written some time back would help…


Try and Try till you succeed.. is a good punch line aimed at school goers..but the punches are so forceful that students duck for cover..The difference between a champion in academics and an average grader can always be pinpointed to practice, talent and interest. Like the hare and the tortoise story, an average student can come close to beating a topper with consistent practice…but the question is will they last till the end (read success) without motivation..

At school, we have people who are invited as guests who lecture on the importance of studying, getting good grades allowing them to choose the best universities and so the saga continues..but looking from the student’s perspective, what motivates him or her to perform is what we are going to look here in this post…

Let us look at some simple  facts here..

1. I get motivated as my teachers bestow praise upon…

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5 thoughts on “Motivating Kids at School

  1. I liked the point on parents being part of the process. This is key to help them evaluate their own kids and avoid judging their kids or the teachers.

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