Kera Kerala

The land of coconuts ( Kera for coconut) . No wonder some of us drive others nuts or ourselves go nuts.

That said, it is still a great place.

Currently am here on vacation, the weather being hot, not surprising though as Indian summers are always simmering.  I plan to come back here for good in the month of May before the monsoon arrives 🙂

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Photo below is from my native home at Thrissur.

Home is where the heart is


19 thoughts on “Kera Kerala

  1. A hot vacation in Kerala but the warmth of home stands no comparison to the steering heat. Have a happy stay at Thrissur, Sunith. I have followed your FB page so will stayed updated!

    1. Yes, every year in the month of May, the Thrissur pooram witnesses a festival where 2 traditional temples host about 20 elephants each in the sprawling grounds facing each other to the sound of musical instruments and thousands of people in between enjoying the scenes.

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