The Lost Garden

21 thoughts on “The Lost Garden”

  1. A narrative invasion of your brain like bees through sleep, the gates of the lost garden are flung open inviting readers to enter and explore… written with profound emotions, Sunith.
    I love this

      1. You’re welcome Sunith
        I recall molding soft clay with my hands to build a dream house when I was a child
        These days are gone
        But the creativity now seeks to mold words into poetry
        Have a wonderful day ahead

  2. Wonderful post. The sad state of our concrete jungles is robbing children of playgrounds and free fields that we have known in our time. What’s even more sad is that no one – not residents, not the government, and certainly not the builders, are concerned about conretizing the landscape of cities. Here in Pune, I have seen so many housing societies that have no gardens or play areas for children. What are they to do for recreation but to land in front of the tv and stuff their minds will mindless rubbish? Your post brings out this loss of an important part of childhood very well.

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