अजनबी शहर

आज इस शहर में अकेला हु
जबकि बहुत जान मेरे जैसे
चलते है, रोते हुए, आस पास
जब देखता हूँ उन आँखों में
सब नीरस होके मुझे देखते
उनकी निगाहो में मैं सुराग ढूंढ़ता हु |

हे खुदा कब मुझे इस जीवन से
मुक्ति मिले इस अनजान शहर से
कब मैं अपने गांव को चला जावु
अगर यह मेरी चाह कुछ ज्यादा है
दफना दो, मुझे और मेरे सपनों को
इस शहर में, जहा तुम भी अब अजनबी हो |

My first attempt in Hindi.  The plight of the migrants who come to the city with a lot of dreams and a healthy soul are let down by the city so inhumanly that they crave to go back to those villages, but they are so tired and having lost their souls to the devils who linger and rule the city, now even going back seems to be a far fetched dream.

Let me know your thoughts on this. 

Rough translation is as below.

Alien City

Today, am feeling lonely in this alien city
when a lot of souls, like me, I see in pain
around and about me, crying as they pass
as I look deeply into their sad eyes,
they sense me,  with looks monotonous
i fervently search for clues in those looks
for me to survive in this city alien to me.

Oh Lord, when will you relive me of this distress
and give me solace from life and this city
when can I think of going back to my sweet village
from whence I came, if you feel this wish of mine
is too much to fulfill, bury me, my tired self
who lost his way and his dreams in this city
where, even You have been now lost to me…

35 thoughts on “अजनबी शहर

  1. बहुत खूब—-गांव —सुनते ही अनगिनत यादे———
    सच में चकाचौंध में गुमनाम हैं हम,
    साथ है पर अंजान है हम,
    जबतक भाग दौड़ है पता नहीं पर,
    थकते ही सच में लाश है हम।——https://madhureo.wordpress.com/2017/04/21/apna-gaon/

  2. Lovely poem.. a person migrant from village to city and missing family and beautiful life at home.. can understand well what’s the pain of staying away specially when you are living in another country. But yes when you are working for career then we have no option!!

  3. So powerful and touching Sunith… it is a brilliant poem. Your words take me back to my small town days when life was so simple 😀

  4. Your sensivity about the plight of migrants is very true and well expressed. The same experiences can be realized by refugees all over the world. I love writings which explore such issues.

  5. If that is your first attempt, it is amazing and deserves a standing ovation!
    I can understand where this comes from, my husband gives me a similar account during his first days in the Middle East.
    However, in the present day, with the refugee crisis at a high, this poem is so relevant.

    1. Thank you, will try to write, as sometimes it is more spontaneous as far as the flow is concerned. Please watch the below 2 songs that are relevant to this post, one from Gharonda (Bhupinder) and the other from Gaman (Suresh Wadkar)

  6. अपने गाँव से दूर अजनबी शहर में रहने वाले उन लाखों लोगों के दिल को झकझोरने वाली कविता आपने लिखी है .
    ये आज की हक़िकत है .
    बहुत -बहुत धन्यवाद आपका

  7. कब की ये कविता आज की स्थिति को दिखाने के लिए काफी। सच पढ़कर तब वैसा नही लगा था जैसा अब लगा है। दिल को छूती हुई बेहतरीन कृति। सच लेखनी कभी नही मिटती।

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