34 thoughts on “Drowned”

    1. True Kamal, I just wanted to bring out this story from a child’s perspective and how important it is for parents to take care of the child when having an outing on a beach. Thank you for reading.

  1. Though it is advice for parents, I tell what I feel sir. We are child in hands of life , we very well know what our elders thought about life still we get attracted by this wishes of waves and drowned into the ocean of life and our process of birth and death happens again and again.

    1. Yes Meena. It is written to touch the hearts of readers and make an impact on elders and all those grown ups to warn from venturing and testing dangerous waters. Even it hit me towards the end.

  2. Like, double like and loved it, Sunith. What a powerful message expressed in words that are drowned in curiosity, anxiety, fear and finally a feeling of total abandon into the cold hands of death.
    Your words stem from an experience I understand. Water being a life giver as much as a danger to life is one that struck me as a very philosophical thought.
    Amazing write up, Sunith!

  3. Painfully beautiful… Poignant! And what it even more sad was that this was a mere child… I almost cried by the end. I kept hoping someone would save him. I hope it didn’t happen to anyone you know.

    1. Yes Pradita it came out as a sad one but I wanted to harp on taking precautions while entering unchartered territory. It happened to me as a child while I was around 12 but was saved in time.

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