Work is Worship

33 thoughts on “Work is Worship”

    1. Thank you Promod. I feel as long as a person cares for others and conducts himself well as he goes about his duty, it doesn’t matter even if one is an atheist.

  1. I don’t know whether God will come like a human being, but I believe there’s many human being having God inside them I see that rickshaw wala is one such persons, who never asked anything to God for him he wants God’s blessings only to save someone not related to him in anyway. That good hearts had made God to help him. Thanks for sharing it again sir.

  2. I’ve read this story before and it struck me as a very moving one even back then. It’s effect is still the same. Your are masterful story crafter who grips the reader from the get go. Your narration flows smoothly and charmingly, and has a certain vintagey taste to it. Splendid!

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