My father was the richest man on Earth that day

A father’s Love…. A beautiful post by Rakhi Jain.

Thoughtsmith's Corner

I was studying in the first year of college. Our hometown was two hundred kilometers away from Delhi. My father applied for a hostel accommodation for me. Many relatives were local but he insisted on my living in the hostel. He said it taught young people to interact with friends from different backgrounds. Managing on our own, instilled independence in our personality. For a middle class family it meant a lot of expenditure.

First time living away from home, initial months were tough for me. For a small town girl, metro life was a culture shock. I was living with girls from super rich families. There were daughters of beaurocrats, army generals even foreign diplomats. It was a surprise watching their enormous collections of expensive clothes and shoes. It took me months to make likeminded friends. I missed home and rang my family often.

Once papa came for his business trip…

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