The Lost Salary

27 thoughts on “The Lost Salary”

  1. I feel bad for Anand , well not just for him. I can see a lot of people who rely on monthly salary for their expenses, they somehow survive the month by paying the bills, but their wants are often suppressed by needs. 💟 lovely post.

  2. Bahut hi khubsurti se monthly salary ke flow ke beech ek insaan ko jhujhte darshaayaa hai….salary wakayee month me ek baar aataa hai aur expenses pure month peecha nahi chhodti….jisme apni chahat dafan hote rahta hai.

      1. You are welcome…:-)
        and you can visit my blog too…;-), if you find something intrusting then Don’t Forget to follow my Blog…:-)
        Keep in touch…:-)

  3. Sigh…. So many of us are Anands, getting by each day on our meager means, dreaming of those little things we would like one day to enjoy. The struggles goes on day after day. We can only dream and hope for a better tomorrow. Loved this post Sir. It evoked sadness but this is what life is – bittersweet.

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