22 thoughts on “Yajnavalkya”

  1. Great writing. You put all alive The name Yajnavalkya sounds known to me, quite a while ago I read on Yajnavalkya but do not remember all details.

      1. It was beyond beautiful. I must again emphasize that the picture that you painted about the characters and their characteristics was what I enjoyed the most. I actually even lost track of the fact that it was indeed a lengthy story as it reminded me of the beauty of our ancestral deity back in Kerala. Will look forward to many more of these stories, Sunith. Thank you and good day!

  2. Hello Chetta, It was a pleasant visual treat to have stumbled upon this enchanting piece of wisdom wrapped in an equally engrossing piece of our rich heritage, distilled by your calm and studied personna 🙂
    loved it much Chetta.
    Look forward to many much more of such inspired wisdom from you.
    warm regards,

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