Baba loves and cares for all living beings!

Another great illustration in versus from Bindu, am reblogging here. May the blessings of the great Saint be upon us…

Om Sai Ram

From Pathri to Shirdi, a distance difficult & large

He covered it with ease as an innocent young lad

Adopting as an abode, in the nearby babul jungle lived

 till Shirdi residents, beckoned him within precincts

He gazed at the dilapidated masjid and knew it at a glance

That would his place of stay, his residence for long

Dutifully he cleaned it; lovingly called it Dwarkamayee,

In it he lit the Dhuni  which still gives us curative udi.

On the outside he tenderly nurtured a garden Lendi Baug

Trees and flowering plants blossomed, replacing the rocks

His gentleness was evident in the way he cared for all

To his lap came all beings, with no fear at all

Dogs hovered outside, waiting to be fed food

And birds? Twittered around the pot which contained a brew

A mix of dals and pulses and broken pieces of bhakri kept


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4 thoughts on “Baba loves and cares for all living beings!

  1. Great. My second son -at present a journalist in Bangalore- is Swamis student for 5 years-BA MFM. As Kadapa Division’s LIC in charge, I used to visit Parthi a no. of times during 1995-98. I believe in HIS GRACE for ever. Jai Sairam.

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