Questions of Life

The green grass is trampled upon
The shrubs wither due to lack of care
The bushes catch fire as they flourish
The flowers sit in glamour vases
Till they slowly wither away
The trees stand still, fall after fall
Till one day they too meet theirs
What difference does it make
If born a plant or as a human?
We share a similar biology
Be it Botany or Zoology…

35 thoughts on “Questions of Life

  1. Wow, powerful piece and oh so true… it is so satisfying to read words written by people like you Sunith who do NOT privilege humans over Nature…. if many thought the way we do we could perhaps live lives in harmony.

  2. That is the reality of all the lives in our universe. Well expressed. Especially the last four lines in concert with the Om Purnam Adah mantra emphasizing the connectivity we have in all the universal creations, in biology or zoology.

  3. We are one one among the million species on this planet Earth, we should never forget our other cohabitants!

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