Friends who blossomed

The short Jasmine and the tall Lily
would talk  daily as they swayed
the gentle wind who would listen
the bright hovering sun who watched
the merciful rain falling to protect.

The moon shining bright every month
lighting them up as they slept unaware
looking over the ever so gentle beauties
blissfully lighting many a human heart
whose scanning eyes would pick them.

Their life spans so short to us humans
who would enjoy their beauty one day
not even  bothering to look over them
bodies of two friends lying withered
their memories fading into quick sand…

23 thoughts on “Friends who blossomed

  1. Oh such lovely heartfelt words so beautifully written, Sunith and yes all nature is just wanting to be loved and be together and what about us too. But somewhere deep down we have I don’t know lost it and we need to be learning from them.

  2. We do take most elements of the bounty that nature has bestowed upon us, however, the severe monsoons that caused floods this year is a warning that humanity must take heed and start looking up to nature.

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