Motivating Kids at School

Try and Try till you succeed.. is a good punch line aimed at school goers..but the punches are so forceful that students duck for cover..The difference between a champion in academics and an average grader can always be pinpointed to practice, talent and interest. Like the hare and the tortoise story, an average student can come close to beating a topper with consistent practice…but the question is will they last till the end (read success) without motivation..

At school, we have people who are invited as guests who lecture on the importance of studying, getting good grades allowing them to choose the best universities and so the saga continues..but looking from the student’s perspective, what motivates him or her to perform is what we are going to look here in this post…

Let us look at some simple facts here..

1. I get motivated as my teachers bestow praise upon me..

2. I get motivated when the charming girls and guys look up to me for help in studies..

3. I get motivated if my teachers regard me as their right hand in helping them out…

4. I get motivated if only my teachers could motivate me relating studies to my favorite sport…

5. If only, teacers could spend or devote some time maybe an average of an hour as to see how am I progressing and where I need correction and spell that out to me on a weekly basis..

6. If only, my parents sat with me and saw how am practicing for my exams, instead of just saying, GO and STUDY!

7. If only we friends could group together and have competitions fixed for half an hour to assess our level of understanding on the subject or chapter that was taught in the last class..

8. If only my Headmaster or the Principal knew my skills personally..

9. If only they could give me due recognition as an individual and treat me as potential athlete at a sports academy…

10. If we had monthly motivating sessions that could lift us from slumber or polish us up on lagging skills in certain subjects…

In a nutshell, motivation means all of the above and more…If my teachers knew my academic strengths and weaknesses and could sit down with me to iron these out, I know I can aspire to be an Andy Murray or a Pete Sampras


38 thoughts on “Motivating Kids at School

  1. Sunith, I can point out your point no. 2 to my students… It’s very interesting!!!
    Jokes apart, in my opinion point no. 5&6 are very important. If school administration becomes so caring, kids can reach their goals.
    Parents conversation with kids is very important which is unfortunately lacking nowadays.

  2. Oh Sunith this is one great post.
    For a child.
    The painted motivation quotes on school walls meaning nothing.
    The painted words by successful person means nothing.
    It’s the personal time and motivation given by elders what matters most.

  3. Being a student myself who has just given Board exams, I really appreciate this post.
    And this is so true, our real source of motivation is someone being with us, making us feel sure that they have got our back. Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚

  4. You raise some good points here, Sir. Motivation keeps even an achiever going. But in a society like ours where 40-50 kids study in one classroom, individual attention is very hard to achieve. At home too, parents have become busy earning bread. Who’s got time for kids? We think money can buy everything today, even a good education. But nothing can beat one on one attention and encouragement

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