Wonderful Creation

The Nature of a woman can be found amidst nature and in the change of seasons and is as sustaining and lasting as the Universe.

The person from whom life springs and flows and brings up every child who crosses paths with her in the many journeys of life.

Her love is the rain that falls upon parched faces eager to soak it all up.

Her correcting rebuke is like the wind which is a turmoil at first followed by a caress for us to understand our wrong doing.

She plays multiple roles and assumes diverse forms and is the last resort for her children to cry for help when trapped in the sands of life.

She happens to be the Oasis that a man mirages in the desert of life.

She happens to be the Sun who sustains life in all who is under her shadow.

As a mother, a wife, a sister, a child, whom we  look up in adulation.

If only man could respect her for what she is and pay obeisance to the wonderful Lord who put His genius to work while He envisaged  her.


46 thoughts on “Wonderful Creation

  1. Sunith, this is such a moving piece of writing. I can’t help but think that women everywhere who read this tribute would be thanking you as I am.

  2. Thank you Sunith! Every woman deep inside wants to be appreciated and adored in the many avatars she takes in a single life time. Your words, rich and all encompassing say it all so well that it touched my heart. I hope my humble ‘Thank you’ conveys all that my heart feels right now!

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