Rain Series

A group of clouds came from nowhere
filled with water, they turned to a shower
it is rainy days here again, remarked some
kids left their games and did a rain dance
whatever was left to dry now taken inside
whatever needed to be wet was put outside
the rain drenched and washed the stench
bringing its own perfume that was earthen.

The clouds could now be seen fast receding
a child looked up to see them now flying away
what other task you have, to go soon so fast
please stay and pour some more water on us
in our hearts and to fill our pots and wells
No dear, we have other places to water well
and we better not be late, whispered the cloud
as he sped away to catch up with the others…

39 thoughts on “Rain Series

  1. Sunith, I have just returned to the northeast and am LOVING the soft rain that has turned the world green… Rain is such a gift and you poems expresses that!

  2. This is such a WoNdErFuL poem — i just love, love, love it. Love the way the cloud talks — and oooh the aroma of first rain on our thirsty soil, can we ask for more? Yes, like the children, more clouds, more rain. Thank You for bringing such delight with your words. πŸ™‚

  3. This is SO, SO BEAUTIFUL, Sunith!

    Particularly loved these lines,
    ‘whatever was left to dry now taken inside
    whatever needed to be wet was put outside’

    Im waiting, WAITING for the clouds to come home to me.

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