A lake and the Sea

The far end of Vembanad LakeCruising pictures from the LakeCouple of hours in the morning boatIt was cold when we started at 8 amThe boat makes its way out into the lakeThe Sun setting at Marari beach, Mararikulam, close to AlleppeyThe day winding up at this sideThe surf making beachTalking while wetting your feetIs the sea or the beach largerThe SunSandSeaMan’s imprints are temporary. Nature’s is permanentThe might of the silent sea. If only we can learn from it.The metallic colors of the shining Sea.It was a 2 day trip from our travel base at Kumarakom.

23 thoughts on “A lake and the Sea

  1. April and May of 2019, my husband and I spend 6 weeks in Mararikulam North, at a homestay near one of the many beaches lining the coast. During our stay, we took a backwater boat cruise and had an evening visit to Marari Beach and watched the sun set! I immediately recognized the sunset…with the fishing boats as Kerala….. Thank you for this blog and bringing me back to India again…. ❤

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