5 thoughts on “It’s time we heed the warning

  1. The bottom line – Trump with held news of the danger of this virus deliberately to serve himself – worse we have ignored the warnings of climatologists who have been telling us pandemics would become more frequent and deadly. We invade Nature to destroy her – as the youngest species on the planet – we don’t have the protections against viruses that older species like animals and plants do…. viruses are everywhere and humans are bringing them to themselves through egregious actions – illegal wildlife trade, the destruction of trees and polluting of the ecosystem etc. Thanks Sunith for this timely post.

  2. First and foremost we have to take into consideration the doctors, the nurses and others who are caring for the many corona patients every single day.
    The best thing for us to do is to follow all the rules that are given by the authorities. And one of the rules is to keep a distance of 5 feet or 1,50 meter.
    It’s the only way we can show respect for all hospital personnel. Also the elderly and those who have a chronicle illness are to be considered by taking adequate measures as not to contaminate them.

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