9 thoughts on “अजनबी शहर

  1. Sunith you have said profound and truthful words on the migrants and with the crisis of today they are really suffering. But one point I would not like to agree here is that there are many migrants who have got so scared that even when they were having a job and were earning with food and shelter why to panic at this time of virus and go away to their hometown where there also they are not going to get any work. Look at the plight of these poor souls they are having no shelter, no food, no water and so many have died and so many are dying because of these stupid drivers who drink and drive. Very sad and this is what will happen in India only because we have so many, so many illiterate people. Our Govt is to be totally blamed too, they could have first settled them and then gone into lockdown. Sad situation.

  2. कल से ज्यादा आज पर असरदार है। सच लेखनी कभी नही मिटती। बेहतरीन रचना।

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