Snatched away

As I entered the ward, I saw her lying calm
It was a dull morning, though seemed bright
cause the surgery being over, a job well done
adding to the numbness she must have felt.

I sat beside her, shaking her hand with a prayer
telling her it would be a matter of time before
she could be at school making merry of the past
in a few weeks, I thought, how she must have felt.

While leaving her, I took her hand, encouraging
her, at the same time with a prayer on my lips
looking at her eyes, when she returned my glance
a faint smile on her lips, how she must have felt.

I turned back and left, hoping to meet her soon
when time permitted, at home with her family
a few days back or so, then I heard the sad news
she had left us, parting with pain, and how weak I felt…

19 thoughts on “Snatched away

  1. Sad. I was called at work this morning and told that my neighbor, Aunty Zuby had passed from a bout of asthma. Just last week, her taciturn husband had invited me to their garden sanctuary and i spent a delightful half an hour with them. How blessed i was because now she is no longer here and her cherished plants given to me with such generosity of spirit, will mean so mych more. Snatched away, she was… Just as they were about to get enjoy their golden years.

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