Examining our cultural journey

I have reblogged this post from Vidya’s site.

When we were children, India was still an agriculture-based nation. Coming home to Kerala during our vacations meant coming home to the fields. Of course, the young people had all found their way out of agriculture, but the fields of paddy that had been created painstakingly by our dedicated ancestors who had mastered the art […]

Examining our cultural journey

14 thoughts on “Examining our cultural journey

  1. Very true and sad. Farmers actually had a very strong adversity quotient and emotional quotient. Faced all sorts of weather and other challenges, were resilient and enterprising at the same time. Were physically strong and mentally sturdier. These concepts are lost in this present generation. That is a huge loss.

    1. When every trade doesn’t seem lucrative enough, people migrate or take up other means of livelihood. Caught up in loans and inclement weather and state support, how can they sustain for long, Amrita

      1. You are right. The farther we have gone away from our roots, from the lap of our Mother Earth we have created distances and woes for our agricultural friends. Technological advances and innovations are need of the hour but farming and farmers are our backbone. All must be done by State and citizens to support them.

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