Think and Grow Rich

While I was a student, once walking across D. N Road in Mumbai Fort area in the late 80’s, I stopped at the street hawkers with their library of second hand books strewn across the foot path. I picked up this book ( Think and Grow Rich) by Napolean Hill, read a few paragraphs and asked for the price. The stall keeper said it would be 20 rupees. I thought it was a bit on the higher side and kept it back, to which he asked me a point blank question. Do you wanna become rich? I replied in the negative and left. If I had said Yes, he would have asked can’t you spend 20 rupees to become rich? Those, dear readers were my thoughts when I walked away…

Wishing you a bright Diwali and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

17 thoughts on “Think and Grow Rich

  1. Happy Diwali Sunith 🪔🎉💖

    I didn’t read this book for many years as becoming rich was never my goal. But when I read it later I thought : how I wish I had read it earlier 😇

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