Writing a Story

Writing a good story is similar to preparing a good dish. A good story should have all the possible ingredients to help the plot. While starting to write a story, you have an outline and the main content that you intend to serve to your readers just like a recipe does. Therefore the storyline or the theme, whether it is a sweet story or an emotional one has to have the right ingredients. Each ingredient has to be added in the right measure lest that very one if added in excess might spoil the story. There is no harm in experimenting by adding new thoughts and sub plots to the main story as you write, but the main structure should be able to hold on its own, however much spices or sugar you are going to add to it.

The serving part is also important. The story has to be properly packaged and the sweetness or the spicy nature should unfold slowly to the reader as they savor the story bit by bit. Some stories need to be rewritten and corrected and may take time to publish as it needs to blend properly just like good old wine. The writer also should take care to read the story from a reader’s perspective and see if the reading experience was what was intended for the reader fraternity.

The reader also has to be hungry enough when he or she sits to read. Too much stress and too many things on the mind does not help one to understand or enjoy the story as the writer had intended to. Also, the story should be a healthy one that supplements our mind with the right nutrients and adds to our visual and mental experience. So for those who have ventured newly into writing stories, you may not always get your story right the first time, but as you make these small adjustments and improve over time, your stories would prove to be a delightful experience to your readers as you churn or serve them out…

30 thoughts on “Writing a Story

  1. Very true Sunith. Sometimes one starts off well and then gets stuck somewhere along the way and literally has no clue how to end it!

  2. Lovely points covered for writing a story. The points would definitely be useful for both the writer and for the reader to read it from the writer’s perspective πŸ‘

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