The oceans are being plundered
as the land once plenty has been
The blue lakes are being polluted
as the ponds once plenty has been
Water fresh once now flows stale.

The attention has shifted to the planets
how the space between is shared to spy
the rays of the sun are now put to work
The heavens fresh once now looks pale.

The animals put on sanctions without a clue
the birds culled the moment one said flu
nature and its acts are a terror we are taught
How man once respected has been despised
Man’s caring nature once now is an old tale.

20 thoughts on “Ruthless

  1. Oh, how I wish this poem didn’t speak such truth…The line that speaks to our obsession with other planets reflects the inability of most of us to stay with the truth of what is – so much suffering and are to come…Thank you Sunith

  2. This is a powerful poem and very importantly brings attention to the truth of our planet and human ways. It was brilliant how you added the perspective of space and other planets – how we tend to distract ourselves out there always instead of tending to what’s right here and within.

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