Love filled landing

After a mighty tired me came down

the stairs of a plane, one fine morning

I lazily looked around at the passengers

coming at the starboard side when

my gaze fell upon a beautiful person who

was stepping down with measured grace

I was spellbound, starstruck, you name it

We both queued up to get into a waiting bus

which would get us together to the terminal

It was crowded as every one of us wanted

not me to be the first at the immigration

I had barely standing space on one leg

My balance went precarious finding her

was I surprised when both our hands

reached for the handles set by the love god

Our eyes met and mirrored each other

We were the last to reach the terminal

While we briefly chatted and chirped

falling now and then into a shy filled swoon

she was surprised if a guy can fall so soon

The voice, the charm, the gait, the face

All fell into sweet place for me to gaze

We bid bye to our best forgotten lives

soon after we chanced upon a cab

I had met a caring person with whom

My life would be well spent sharing…


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