Indian Monsoon

Wandering miles through burnt grass
in search of the elusive water source
the animals all huddled up, look for signs
that can only herald the arrival of
their perennial savior from the skies.

One fine day, a cool breeze starts to blow.
The hot air now becomes the hunted
looking for dear places to hide
for death is certain with the arrival
of the Great Indian Monsoon.

The small streams and the rivulets,
pour their volumes into rivers beds
that were once sand banks and ponds
and playing fields to kids in summer
now slushy fields with the downpour.

Life is back to normal now that nature
has bestowed its blessings upon the
region that gets its bountiful rain
for which man was ready till now
to barter with gold and riches he had.

40 thoughts on “Indian Monsoon

      1. Once I took shelter in a hut for an hour with thunder and lightening preventing me to reach home in my bicycle. I was lucky to reach home that day…

      2. Hahaha… Really, yes it is safer that way. But from the safety of your home, thunder and lightning feels like musicπŸ˜€

  1. I really appreciate it when you write about the blessing of rain. I often think that people in New England (USA) except for farmers like snow but dislike rain – and I have never understood this because without rain spring doesn’t come… this year for example the rain absented herself and we had a dry and windy spring and the leaves wept and shrunk… rain is precious and from where you are – even more so.

    Thanks too for reading my blog!

    1. Without rain spring doesn’t come period. You are so right! Thanks. We have been slammed into summer (almost 90 yesterday) without rain – just now lime green soothes but within month? Crispy trees and ground – ugh.

  2. Awesome poem on the coming of Rains. Who would not like rains after the killing heat. We had the cyclone and what a destruction everywhere though our Mumbai was pleasant with rains lashing us like crazy. Lovely poem, Sunith.

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