Poem in Vain


All the while me and my wife Jane

Had dream’t of flying to far off Spain
tickets we did not obtain in any plane

She asked how the dream would sustain
I told her we could always get a train
that passed through the terrain of Spain

We had barely got into a  crowded train
when it started to mighty heavily rain
having the crowd seeming so insane
only one person Jane,  she looked sane.

When I started looking at her again
she seemed to be in some sort of pain
efforts to reach to her were all in vain
when, of a sudden, our train hit a crane
that somehow got stuck in wet terrain.

We seemed to lose contents of our brain
comforting, as in, no gain without pain,
could you tell, amid tears, are we in Spain?
the strain was much, though, to ascertain
we looked like people hit with dirt cocaine
though in our plan was, old Champagne…

This poem came to me with the recent rains in Bahrain.



The Lovely Clown

Pic Courtesy: Etsy.com

A famous actor once came to party in town
a crowd went to him that included a clown
who appeared quite shabby in a long gown
which was torn and colored dusty brown
shaking hands, the actor was seen to frown
at a sad painted face decked with a crown
all of a sudden who pushed the actor down
who fell  into the deep pool about to drown
hands that pulled him up were of the clown

Fun Mail


There was a girl who sent him a mail
he, who was sitting all the day pale
in a house that was put up for sale.

He set out to find the sender of the mail
the trail was long in a train on a rail
that brought him to a ship that set sail.

On a long journey that would surely fail
for the ship met face to face with a gale
that hit them for days on end with hail.

The food and the water turned out stale
when washed ashore, they put him in jail.
for papers he had none on him to set sail.

Our fellow took the pain to write her a mail
she received with pleasure to free him on bail
and thereby set a happy ending to our tale…




My Quotes

Do not multi-task when kids talk to you. You have their undivided attention. Why should you divide yours?

When you ask a question, listen to the answer. Any attempt to estimate the impact of your question would make you inattentive…

Man is immortal till his mortal remains are immersed…

Nobody can write us off until the person who wrote our script wipes us out…

Follow someone whom you can follow not someone whose thoughts are shallow and appearance bereft of any halo..

Check your impulse while you drive lest somebody finds you with no pulse…

Hoarders confine their wealth in vaults. After several years they are confined to vaults…

When you are hanging on to dear life, it is the hope that things would improve that acts as the rope…

It is time we stopped looking for loose change while giving to the needy. The world has depreciated and that you need to appreciate..

It is easy to cook by reading a book but not that easy to book a crook…

A person with an inflated ego does not sink in water, he floats and makes himself visible till somebody punctures it…

When a stray dog comes to your door, you bark at him and he scoots whereas when you arrive at a house and a dog barks then it’s your turn…

As you walk in the dark on the road, it is only the toad who is aware of your crush-load…

When you rush to catch a train, a train of thoughts has already started running inside you…

Life has its up and downs but the problem is everybody pulls you down when you are up and nobody pulls you up when you are down. .

A person climbing up a mountain should never look down because every pride has a fall…