Indian Monsoon

Wandering miles through burnt grass
in search of the elusive water source
the animals all huddled up, look for signs
that can only herald the arrival of
their perennial savior from the skies.

One fine day, a cool breeze starts to blow.
The hot air now becomes the hunted
looking for dear places to hide

for death is certain with the arrival
of the Great Indian Monsoon.

The small streams and the rivulets,
pour their volumes into rivers beds
that were once sand banks and ponds
and playing fields to kids in summer
now slushy fields with the downpour.

Life is back to normal now that nature
has bestowed its blessings upon the

region that gets its bountiful rain
for which man was ready till now
to barter with gold and riches he had.

So much is at stake, thus spake the
economists whose misty vision
revolves and evolves  on the
aspects as well as the  prospects
of an advancing and retreating monsoon…


The Indian Summer

English: Indian Summer
English: Indian Summer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A cackle of geese far receding
as if trying to escape the hot
wind that rushes upon them
is now let loose over the arid
plains now devoid of water.

With lips parched and shriveled skin
every now and then, a farmer
with a sweating brow looks
up to the sky to deliver for he
cannot bear the earthly pangs.

On the lookout to wet their thirst
Hark, they say, is it thunder?
whenever they hear large sounds
in the distance that turn out to
be a mirage as the birds arrive.

It is the Indian summer no doubt
conditions dreaded by many a traveler
as it seldom leaves you from clutches
that are humid and hot as you cry
and pray for the monsoon to arrive.

The Patient’s Dilemma

There is a knock on the Doctor’s door. Dr. Jaison is surprised wondering who it could be at this time of the night when he was just winding up things at work..

Before he could say “Yes”, there came in a burly figure of a man who seemed drunk so much so, that the liqour levels had reached his ears causing problems with his balance.

With a staggering gait and a look at the chair and the bed that both invited him, he finally decided to collapse in the patient’s chair but not before causing a flutter of heart beats to Jaison who was all along thinking that this huge personification would finally collapse across the desk and take him down alongwith the visitor..

Doc: Now there, i can see you a bit disturbed, have you been drinking lately.

Person: Yes I am, infact i just threw the one i was, when i took the turn to your clinic…I am sadhu, no not of the religious type, that s my name..

Doc: Ok Mr Sadhu. How come this visit at such a late hour?

Person: I know but i wanted to stop this drinking and hope that the last one that i hit, i mean the bottle has to be my last. Can you help?

Jaison: Well i myself was thinking of having a peg after a long day and had thoughts of going to sleep here rather than commuting all the way back home. Glad you joined.. ( saying that he goes across the room and brings a fine set of glasses with a bottle of Vodka).

Sadhu: But i came in here to stop my habit and see that you have thoughts of starting it again…

Jaison: Let us talk about it over no doubt, on the rocks, if you wish…

( They talked for over an hour and parted ways with sadhu still high on spirits that he can stop one day…)

Jaison’s parting remark was : Let me know whenever you need to stop, and then we can talk it over…

The moral of this .. If you need to stop, do not take other’s advice or ask for help, bring out your own plan to  stop it and work towards it  and enjoy the change…Hope you agree.

When it rained

The fields would sway to the wind

the children in trains waving back.

The tides would get back their surf

the farmers too engrossed in work.

When the rains hit us days on

it made pools of watery slush.

The mud would entrance the kids

who would make pots with the clay.

The sun would peep in on the dew

so that the grass could retain the shine.

The grasshoppers would jump in joy

crickets playing the game of life.

The butterflies were very choosy

as to which flower they would sit.

This made it difficult for us to catch

by reading their minds in tiny heads.

Jagjit Singh.. A Salute

It was in the early 90’s through a student of mine, Alpa Vasant  (real name) who handed a cassette of him titled Live at Royal Albert Hall, that introduced me to the saga of Ghazals. Even though I had heard Pankaj Udhas before him, Jagjit Singh’s voice and music stuck to me as an aroma of a musical fountain. It is true I had heard his music in films though never knew about him at that time.

After the introduction, I slowly had my collection of his audio cassettes which I still have and play on my JVC player. The best part, as all would agree, was his voice and classical music..never had a ghazal singer giving so much importance to background music. It never went high and always played to soothe your nerves that were stressed out at work and in the traffic back home.

In Films, with music director Kuldip Singh.. he was unbeatable and always had a following of his own, though he may not have rendered more than 50 songs during the eighties and the nineties. It was a strange coincidence that I became a pen pal, in the late 90’s while at Dubai, of Jasvinder Singh another Ghazal singer and son of Kuldip Singh, for a brief period before we both became busy each at our own places of work.

Though we have lost Jagjit Singh 5 years back on October 10, but thanks to technology, Jagjit Singhji’s immortal voice and delightful music is secure till the end of times..




English: Lata Mangeshkar releases music album ...
English: Lata Mangeshkar releases music album Saadgi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)